I Mention Aliens Again. 

Last night I found myself in a room full of wizards. Not just ordinary wizards either (if there even is such a thing!), but wizards who love writing as much as I do. I was surrounded by what, by all counts, should have been my people, and yet I felt completely alone. 

I should explain that I was at an event called the House Cup for NaNoWriMo, which is a challenge that many writers decide to participate in every November where we strive to write 50,000 words in just 30 days. It is madness, but it is beautiful madness and I love it. 

And yet, I felt like I was on the outside. Again. Im not necessarily complaining about this, I’ve always felt a little on the outside of things, like an alien even among people I called my friends (2 for 2 with mentioning aliens over here, I consider that a win!).  

I think my brain just works differently than most people. It takes a route that maybe other’s aren’t programmed to follow. I remember even as a kid I would say something or make a joke and my dad would ask “why do you think like that?” The answer is, I have no effing clue. But maybe that’s okay, maybe that’s what will make me unique or set me apart from the masses or allow me to write oddly personal things on the Internet for strangers to relate to or judge! 

Either way, I know I can’t be the only one that feels like they’re alone in a crowded room. I can’t be the only one that hangs out with people they like or do something fun and enjoy it, but still sometimes feel a little bit alien. And if I’m right, then that means you aren’t alone either. Which is awesome…let’s be weird together. 

What if I Have Nothing to Say?

Actually, that’s probably not the right question. I guess the real question is, does anyone care about what I have to say? Am I just contributing to the web traffic jam that’s comprised of every other person desperate to get their voices out there?
After years of asking myself this question and toying with the idea of making some of my writing public, I’ve found the answer….

Who cares? I’m writing this for me.

Maybe people will find this blog and we can live out my dream of bonding together in a wonderful and supportive online community that will help ease both my loneliness and yours.
Maybe it will sit alone in cyberspace, only to be discovered by the alien race that will inevitably take over our planet and the poor guy assigned to clean out our internet in the same way we would clean out our grandma’s garage. (If that’s the case, I would like it to be known, dear alien reader, that I always knew you existed. You guys, and mermaids. All real).
Either way, I’ll have put myself out there, and for now, that’s enough.