We aren’t muggles after all. 

Like most people, while watching the new Fantastic Beasts movie, I found myself vehemently wishing that I too was a wizard. Most of us who grew up reading Harry Potter are familiar with this feeling, having often dreamed of the day when Hagrid would show up at our doors, declare us too special for our average lives, and whisk us away to Hogwarts. 

However, as I watched this gorgeous movie play out in front of me and took in the amazing world that had been first created by just one person’s imagination, I realized something. 

Magic is absolutely, unquestionably real. It’s in the world around us every day, in the movies we create, the words we write, the pictures we paint, and the stories we tell. Magic is being used every single day when something is made from nothing but an idea. These creations then, in turn, inspire others to excercise their own art, and let loose their own magic. 

Just as Harry Potter has given so many people comfort and hope in their lives, the magic that comes from seemingly ordinary people is capable of making us feel every emotion on the human scale. Each piece of art or creative mind is capable of carrying us through the hardest times we face, unable to be extinguished by things that plague are world. 

We are creators, artists, magicians, and yes, even wizards. So, as it turns out, we aren’t muggles after all. 

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