Jumbo Shrimp

Today I battled a disgruntled middle aged man to defend our dearly beloved Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps…and the shrimps themselves came to my rescue. 

I should probably explain. 

I listen to this podcast on Cave Comedy Radio (check them out they have a ton of awesome podcasts and I love them) called The Roundtable of Gentlemen. A couple of months ago one of the news stories they covered was about a small baseball team in Jacksonville, Florida that changed its name from The Suns to The Jumbo Shrimp. 

The podcast being the ridiculous riot that it is spontaneously came up with a song for the team. 

“We are the jumbo shrimp, here to play a game! *whip sound* ahhaaaaa!”

It’s pretty catchy. 

So naturally the podcast listeners took to the Jumbo Shrimp Facebook page to share the song and bring some much needed positivity to the team’s new identity. All good right? Except some people are still a little grumpy about the name change and didn’t approve of my enthusiasm. 

Thankfully, the Jumbo Shrimp are proud and accepting of all members of the proud Crustacean Nation and quickly came to my defense. 😂 

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, this might have been the weirdest fight I’ve ever been in with the most unique defender but hey, gotta keep things interesting and fun and accepting where and when we can these days, right? 

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